JART is my attempt at art.   I created a computer program to generate art.
It uses many different primitive geometry types, colors and image processing techniques to generate
images I think are quite interesting and unique.    This endeavor was mostly for
art for my own use in my house.   However, other people have expressed interest in
having a prints of my art.   Hence this site was created.

Standard Art

Each print is unique.    No two images are the same.    Eventually I may make a limited
 run of a particular piece but these will not be any of a print which has been purchased.   Prints are
currently priced at $120, or minimum of $100 on ebay. This buys you a unique
22x28 poster print, certificate of authenticity, and shipping in the continental US.   I will have to collect
sales tax for sales in Iowa.   Generally, I will try to have your print mailed out within 3
business days from when the order is received.     The print is done on Kodak Premium Photographic 8-mil
photo-grade satin paper.   Source images are 1280 x 1024.   This means there will be some aliasing of images.  
This means some features may appear slightly jagged, and not clean straight lines.   I consider this to be
part of the image, as these are digital created images and no one should confuse them with anything
else.   If you wish to have clean lines, I can do a custom print at higher resolution, and that
should eliminate most of these artifacts from the print.
I must make the following clear.   Your are buying a print of this image.   You are paying
 for the right
to have an unique print of a image.   However, you do not own the rights to reproduce
these images.   If you wish to do so, contact me and we can discuss terms.

Custom Art

If you are interested in a color scheme, or have some idea of an image you would
like to see...  let me know.     If you see an image, and want one in a similar style,
I can do that also.     Or if you just want a print in a different size... Please send an email to
sales@jessejay.com    Custom prints are offered at a price based on the amount of work
 required.  Generally most will be in the $150 to $200 range.  The same disclaimer of ownership
above still applies.


This site is not yet live.  If you are intreseted in purchasing a print send an email to
sales@jessejay.com   and I will notiify you when it goes LIVE.

All work is copyright (2006-2009) JesseJay.com, L.L.C.
Any use of images is prohibited
For information email sales@jessejay.com